University Is Over!

Thursday 30 May 2013

Hello my loves, this is it, the final university post I will ever make. Who know if I will ever go back into education or not, but for now, it's over. The life I have known since the age of three has come to an end. No more gcses, alevels, ucas, uni, student finance or dissertation. It is all finito!

And what a journey it has been. I mean it's been tough at times but I honestly believe I chose the right course and he right uni. I've had an amazing three years full of exciting new experiences and I can't wait to see what the next chapter of my life holds.

I mean, I am terrified. Job prospects are nowhere in sight, the UK is in recession, friends who have graduated a couple years back are still struggling to find a job, but I believe when the time is right for me I will find a job I love and will be successful. (I sure can't wait until then) 

Hey ho, here's some advice I have for anyone going into uni or going into the second of third year. MAKE EVERY MOMENT COUNT. You think three years is a long time, it really isn't. Make sure you study hard, don't try to just pass for the sake of it. With increased tuition fees you should show the government, your family and most importantly yourself that this is worth it, and that you can do it. Make loads of new friends. Try and talk to everyone, go to parties, socialise. Just because you're studying doesn't mean you can't have a good time doing so! So as the cliche goes 'work hard but play harder'.

Finally my loves, just enjoy every moment. Now that my education has come to an end I keep reminiscing about school and how I spent my days worrying about the future and what I wanted to be. You will never be 100% sure so enjoy school, enjoy college or uni, and whatever career you will end up with will happen anyway.

If you have decided not to go into uni and have found a career doing something skilled, apprenticeships and trade work I respect you guys so much!

Here's hoping that one day this unemployed journalist gets to write for one of her dream magazines! Fashion and beauty of course.

Darlings, I hope this post can give you a little guidance and support, don't be afraid to ask for any advice from myself, your friends and family or a member of staff at uni, college or school.

Lots of Love



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