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Tuesday 15 August 2017

One thing about being a blogger that I love is the fact that it has changed the way I see things. In 2008 I came to this exact location with my entire family. It was after a weekend spent in the newest hotel in North Cyprus and a traumatic experience with a Turkish Singer who tried to groom me and my cousins (but that's a story for another day). Tired, bored and fed up, our parents dragged us to Salamis to visit the ancient Greek ruins. As you can probably imagine, I wasn't really in the mood for sight seeing. I did however take some photos (which are on a private folder on Facebook, and totally not Instagram worthy) and I think it was this era that I became fascinated in taking pictures and having my photos taken.

For my 14th birthday I asked for a digital camera. This was to be the first camera that was mine and I was to use it to capture special moments in my life. I'd carry this camera around with me everywhere I went and in turn come home and upload them all to Facebook for all my friends and family to see. My first camera was the Samsung (NV7 OPS, don't quote me on this) and it was everything I could have ever wanted. It was digital, it was light, durable, had a zoom lens and had a high number of mega pixels. What more could I want. 

Although I would only use it for point and shoot and never played around with any of the settings, I thoroughly enjoyed using my camera and taking pictures. And I used that camera to death. Once it started playing up I decided to upgrade to a DSLR and this is when blogging really started for me. 

Since then I have upgraded my cameras my lenses and now have multiple cameras all for different reasons. If you'd like a blog post on my current cameras let me know and I can share what I use and what I use them for with you all. 

Bringing it back to the reason of this blog post. I go to North Cyprus every year, and each year I want to create beautiful content for myself and my readers and followers. And this year when I went back in June, I had envisioned going back to Salamis with this gorgeous dress and I am so happy with how they came out. The way I see beautiful locations has now changed.

Before I would go to a destination and have a little look around, but now, as a blogger/ photography enthusiast, I see things differently, I see the little details, I see the ruins of an ancient city and I think how can I capture this in the best way possible. 

If you take on thing from this blog post, I hope in inspires you. I hope it makes you think about all those places you have visited and how you would see it differently if you were to go there again.



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