Protecting Your Skin From Sun Damage With Tannymaxx

Tuesday 8 August 2017

With summer in full swing, there’s one thing that’s on my mind. Tanning. Being a beauty blogger I know the importance of protecting your skin from sun damage and what products you need to use.

On my recent trip to North Cyprus I put some of the Tannymaxx products to trial. I decided to choose the ProtectiveFace Care SPF 50 for face and ProtectiveBody Care SPF 15 for body as well as their Waikiki Tanning enhancer.

On first impressions, I was a little sceptical. I'd never heard of the brand before, and I decided not to do any research before using the products. I wanted a totally unbiased opinion about the brand and their products and wanted to try them out in North Cyprus, as I would be able to compare the results to previous holidays I’ve had there. And I have a new favourite. I spent the holiday passing the creams around the whole family and they too loved using the products.
I prefer to protect my face from as much sun damage as possible so I always have SPF 50 in the summer and where possible I hide my face when laying in the sun. 

The TannyMaxx face cream has quite a thick consistency compared to the body lotion. Personally I quite like that. It results in me feeling like my face has quite a thick layer protecting it whereas the body SPF just melts into the skin and is so easy to rub in. Unlike a lot of other SPF’s on the market, I don’t feel like I’m left with a white layer on my skin.

On the last few days of my holiday I decided to use the tan enhancer. This does not have any SPF but when used correctly, there is no damage to the skin. I would apply my SPF in the morning and top up as I would get in and out of the pool/ sea and when it would get to around 4pm (when the sun is not so strong) apply the tan enhancer just to give myself that extra glow.

The Waikiki Tanning enhancer smells so delicious. It smells a little like Coco butter but without the sickly smell. Although the tanning enhancers do not have any SPF "the skin [is] fully cared for by the tanning lotion, and the amino acid Tyrosine also reinforces the natural tanning process and allows the skin to tan quickly."

If there’s one thing you try this summer, let it be the TannyMaxx tanning range. You won’t look back. I can’t wait to bring these with me to Croatia and Greece next month.

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