Five Reasons To Love Yourself

Wednesday 23 August 2017

Self love is something that I see all over social media. We are told we are good enough and we are told to be confident with ourselves, but a quick look on Instagram can put you in a self loathing downward spiral. As someone who is quite confident with who I am I thought it was time to write a blog post about this.

I know that I have a lot of flaws, the biggest being my nose, BUT, despite this, I love my flaws, I love my nose. Each and every little flaw make me ME. I've never been one to look to surgery because it doesn't bother me enough to want to go under the knife. But I completely understand why some people choose to go down that route. 

Personally, I am all about self love, through and through. Love yourself, love your flaws because my darlings, your personality and the way you look all tell your wonderful story!

With the likes of Instagram models I find that a lot of people are finding it more and more difficult to love themselves. As someone who is quite confident and has a large dose of self love, I have even noticed that on the odd occasion, I feel like I am not good enough and that there's a few things that I would like to change about the way I look.

Growing up I was always super shy, yet I had this confidence within myself. I always had this feeling that I was good enough and I've always liked the way I looked. I know I'm not the most beautiful person this world has ever seen. But I'm pretty content with the way I am and the way I look. I've always been one to lift myself and have always been looked at like I love myself and it was always portrayed in a negative way. But as I've grown older, I've realised that it's pretty amazing to love yourself as much as I love myself.

I started this blog almost five years ago now as a way to inspire and be the confident sister to girls who need a little dose of confidence. I feel like young girls and even women are looking at Instagram models and thinking they HAVE to look like that. We are conditioned to want to change ourselves,  and in my opinion, this is bullsh*t. I've put together five reasons to love yourself, because, why the hell not.

1) No one will love you as much as you love yourself. The world is full of kind souls, but it's also filled with those who are out there to hurt you. 

2) You are unique and beautiful. There is no one in this world who looks like you who has your humour, so embrace it!

3) Once you love who you are your confidence will grow. Confidence is key to success, and when you love yourself your self-love and confidence will help you achieve things you couldn't imagine.

4) Self love attracts love. When you love yourself, you attract others to love you too.

5) People come in and out of your life, the one constant is yourself. Learning to love yourself everyday allows you to be happy on a daily basis.

I hope these five small reasons make you realise that it's ok to love yourself and that from today you have more confidence within yourself.



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