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Five Reasons To Visit North Cyprus

five reasons to visit north cyprus

five reasons to visit north cyprus

Ever since I can remember, I've been going to North Cyprus once a year if not more. It's where I call my second home and I may be biased but this article is sure to make you want to come and visit this beautiful Island myself and my family are from.

Cyprus is such a small island (9,251 km²),  yet there's so much history and culture. I've grown to love the island for many different reasons. The fact that half of my family lives there makes it a place that I love to visit often. But for those with no emotional attachments to the island, trust me, you will still want to visit. Here are five reasons why you must visit The Republic of Northern Cyprus.

five reasons to visit north cyprus

The History

Cyprus is an island that has been split into two different nations. The North side of the island is occupied by Turkish Cypriots, whereas the South side is occupied by Greek Cypriots. In 1974, there was a war between the two nations which led to this divide. Families from both sides had to migrate and both suffered a lot of loss from family, friends and land. But if you look even further back, the island seems to have been occupied by every nation from the beginning of time. The island has ruins from 10,000 BC and occupies a strong influence of Greek Mythology as Cyprus was the birth place of Aphrodite and Adonis.

Segments from each era can be found across the island. Some of the must visit historic sites in North Cyprus are Saint Hillarion Castle, Bellapais Abbey, Pentadaktylos (Bes Parmak Dallari), Mavi Kosk, Salamis, Kantara Castle. And if none of that takes your fancy, make your way to any of the villages and start walking around trying to get lost. These small villages have so much history and fascinating stories you're bound to fall in love with the island.

five reasons to visit north cyprus

The Weather

North Cyprus has a typical Mediterranean climate. In peak summer season, temperatures rise to over 40 degrees celcius. This year temperatures are set to reach as high at 50 degrees! Summer lasts for around eight months, with a few cool months during the winter. If sun sea and cocktails are your thing, head there in July/August. For those wanting to explore the island a little more, I'd suggest heading out April/May or September/October as it's a little cooler. As it's a Mediterranean island, the sea tends to be warmer than the seas in the UK and Europe.

five reasons to visit north cyprus

The Hospitality

From the streets to the hotels, everyone is so friendly. On this visit I spent a few nights at Lord's Palace. The hotel has been open for under a year but it's reputation for luxury is already what all the locals are talking about. The staff are so friendly and so helpful that they make each and every guest feel at home from the minute they arrive. Read my hotel review here.

Apart from this, if you ever go with someone who has family out there you will be treated like a King or a Queen. Whenever you arrive at someones house whether they know you or not, their home suddenly becomes your haven and a feast is prepared for you. Before you know it you are rushed into the dinning room for a full on meal with desert, fruit and coffee.

five reasons to visit north cyprus

five reasons to visit north cyprus

The Food

I may be extremely biased but the food in North Cyprus has got to be one of my favourite cuisines. Turkish food is so delicious and there is something for everyone. When you arrive at a restaurant, the majority of them bring mezzes or the very least, bread and olive oil for you to enjoy while waiting for your food to be prepared. Typically, restaurants serve BBQ so that's anything from meat, chicken fish to vegetables. There's something for everyone. If you're not after a main meal, the soups, lahmacuns (Turkish style pizza) and pide's are to die for! The island is known for it's Oranges, Watermelons and Olive Oil as well as hellim (helumi).

five reasons to visit north cyprus

The beaches

I have always called the beaches of North Cyprus the Turkish Maldives. The clear waters, pure yellow sand and light waves are what holidays are made for. If you don't believe me take a look yourself, you won't be disappointed. As mentioned before, the sea water is warmer so it's not a shock to the system when you jump in. Cyprus is a small island, so you're never too far from the coast or a beach. If you prefer pools, there are many hotel complexes that accommodate both a beach and a pool


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