Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Gift That Keeps Giving X Love Me Beauty

Love Me Beauty Box

Love Me Beauty Box

Love Me Beauty Box

Love Me Beauty Box

If you ever find yourself in a mid month glum, I have the ultimate pick me up. Love Me Beauty (*). A membership beauty box, where all you have to think about is how many of these beautiful boxes do I want. There are options for three, six or 12 months. Each month, the £30 packages worth £45, arrive on your doorstep with the perfect gifts suited for you.

When you sign up to Love Me Beauty, you answer a few questions so that the team know what the best products will be for you. From skin colour, to hair type, they narrow the process by making it all about you and your needs and desires.

In my lil box of heaven, I received five different items; Neal and Wolf smoothing blow-dry balm, Maliin + Goetz grapefruit face cleanser (smells AH-MAZING) Lanolips Banana Balm (mmm), Nuxe dry oil, and Cailyn gel eyeshadow pencil.

I absolutely adore these sorts of boxes. They always have some cool items that you would never really go and pick up from a store, but once you use them, you fall in love with them. Sometimes we can fall in a beauty rut. We get used to using a specific item and never tend to sway away from them, so signing up to the Love Me Beauty box is the perfect way to try some new items.

Use my unique discount code to get 50% off your membership simply type 'teral50' at checkout.

As Christmas is fast approaching, why not buy someone you a gift that keeps giving over the next few months.

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