Sunglasses In The Winter

Tuesday 10 November 2015

When summer ends, most people put their sunglasses away and don't bring them out until the next year. Me (and probably every other blogger) however, decided that winter is the perfect time to buy a new pair of sunglasses. I mean, it's just not practical taking pictures outside and squinting (blogger problems), so the addition of a great pair of sunglasses helps remove the squinty eyes, add a bit of mystery and lets not forget, you don't need to spend that extra twenty minutes perfecting your eye make up.

 These gorgeous Prada sunglasses from FashionEyewear are exactly what I was looking for. Over the summer, I was obsessed with black shades (which are ALWAYS a good idea) but I fancied a little change. Going for these tortoise and gold frames really pushed me out of my comfort zone which I love. The addition of the gold metal work is something that I usually would have hated, but it's always good to try and mix it up. 

You probably have already noticed that they've made their way into many of my blog posts like this one and they sure will be featured a lot more this winter.

What do you think about sunglasses in the winter? Are you a fan or not?

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