LW Lashes Review

Monday 28 September 2015

Every now and then I tend to dabble in the odd false eyelashes. It's not something I do regularly, as firstly, I don't have the time to do it everyday, and secondly, I find my eyelashes to be quite long themselves. But I enjoy wearing them for special occasions such as weddings, or blog events where I know there will be a lot of photos taken.

So I decided to try the Lauren's Way Fabulous Flutter Lashes that EtailPr sent me. I have to say I was impressed. At first, they felt a bit stiff so after playing around with them for a little while I was able to make them bendier (is that even a word) and was able to manoeuvre them around my eyes how I wanted them to.

The Flutter Lashes are perfect for everyday wear, as they are light and have a criss cross effect that's quite subtle, resulting in thick lashes at the bottom and long thin lashes towards the tip. I really like the thick effect at the bottom as it tends to mean you don't need to faff around as much with liquid eyeliner (my nemesis).

If I am honest, I didn't really like the glue, I felt like I had to use a lot because of how tough the lashes were to start with, they weren't sticking to my lashes line, but after using a lot of glue and playing around with them I managed to have the results I wanted.

The lashes cost £6.95, however they currently have an offer where you can buy two for £10, four for £20 *adds all to basket and checks out*.

Are you a fan of fake eyelashes? Have you ever used them? What was your experience like?

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