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Tuesday 22 September 2015

* This is a sponsored post *

I'm so excited to show you guys this bonus box that I have been sent from the lovely lot at Rakuten Affiliate Network have sent to me. 50 lucky publishers including myself have been chosen to receive this first box filled with amazing goodies of full size and sample sizes. 

I am obsessed with anything massage related. So I was super happy when I opened my box to find this lemongrass massage oil inside it. The refreshing scent of the lemon grass makes for a great massage as it has a revitalising effect on the body and mind, helping to boost vitakity, awaken senses and release energy blocks. 

On my days off I like to use this oil and massage it into my skin early in the morning as it helps keep me going throughout the rest of the day on long blog shoots.

First things first- this product smells divine! You all know how much I love the scent of beauty products, if something smells great, I'm more than likely to purchase it. But yes, this is a great product to use under the eyes as it's great to use as an anti-wrinkle treatment. 

We've all heard many many times how great coal is for the skin, but I've never taken the leap of faith to try any until recently. Origins uses organic ingredients with 100% natural essential oils and it's obvious as soon as you place the mask on your face. It feels so light and after two uses I have noticed the difference in my skin. If you could only ever purchase one beauty product for the rest of your life, I'd recommend this.

Quite literally named 'take the day off make up remover' this make up remover not only takes away your make up, but it helps take away all the dirt and yuckyness that gets stuck in your pores (yep thats London underground yukkyness I'm referring to). you need to shake this well to combine the two way formula. This lightweight product is great at taking away those tough to take off make up and even helps me glide my fake eyelashes off.

I've also had a quick glance at the Toms catalogue and I must say I am super excited to get my hands on a pair of their AW15 pieces.

Which product will you be getting your hands on?

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