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Tuesday 7 April 2015


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Sunglasses Rapture- Le Specs

I am such a sucker for cute packaging. It's ridiculous. I'm having a massive clear out at the moment and the amount of cute packaging I'm finding in all sorts of places is crazy.

But yes. This gorgeous package from Net-a-porter arrived this morning and I'm in love. You can also get Le Specs from Asos and that way you don't have to pay as much for packaging. 

I've wanted a pair of Le Specs sunglasses for ages and these ones are so me. I'll be sure swapping them in every now and then with my favourite Celine pair.

Call me crazy but I go a bit coo coo when it comes to sunglasses. Whenever I buy a new pair I wear them all the time until I get my next pair. Is that just me? I've got a secret stash of sunglasses that never see the day of light. 

Are you like me or do you constantly swapping your sunglasses around?

Lots of Love 



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