Zoeva Classic Eye Brush Set Review

Monday 16 February 2015

Recently I've been seeing bloggers all over Instagram using the Zoeva brushes and thought it was time that I purchased some and see what all this hype was about.

I decided to order the Zoeva Classic Eye Brush set (with a few extra bits chucked in for good measure). I went for the black and silver finish instead of the rose gold finish that I've been seeing all over the blogsphere, as I like to be different and, although I do like rose gold, I like to keep my brushes out on display and the silver would look aesthetically better when I redecorate my room.

Previous Brushes
When I first started using make up (which is longer than I care to admit) I started using the No.7 brushes. I purchased a bronzer/ blusher brush, a big powder brush and a crappy eye brush, I still have them but more for sentimental value rather than use.

As I started to gain more interest and knowledge about make up, I started spending more money on brushes and started using the Mac brushes as well as the Real Technique brushes.

I found out quite early on in my life that it was worth investing in decent make up brushes, as it makes any makeup look amazing no matter how much you paid for it.  

I don't know if you're anything like me, but when I get new makeup or brushes I'm reluctant to use them (strange I know). I don't like ruining them, make up looks so pretty brand new, and that's the same for the brushes too. It's the total opposite when it comes to clothes though, I can't wear them soon enough.

When I did finally get round to using them, I must say I was amazed and so happy with them. Not only are the brushes soft on the skin, but they blended everything leaving me with flawless eye shadow. Who doesn’t love that? Whenever I use them I'm left feeling really relaxed, like I'm going to fall asleep any second. I'm even considering getting the face brushes set. Have you used them before?What's your thoughts of them?

I absolutely love the pencil brush. It's great for blending, getting into the crease and also highlighting around my eye. It's just the perfect go to brush. Which is your favourite?

I feel like these brushes are a dupe of the Mac brushes, just for a fraction of the price. They work just as well as brushes I have spent over £30 for; whereas I purchased these 7 brushes for just over £40.

The brushes also come in a leather purse/clutch pouch thingy that is super cute, great for travelling and you can even use it for a night out.

About the Brand
The Zoeva brushes are a German brand. When I think of Germany I usually associate it with cars, wood and sausages, not make up. But I was surprised at how amazing they made my makeup look.

The brushes have been around since 2008 and in such a short time the brand has made a massive name for them self.

The brushes are made from a mixture of the finest natural and synthetic fibers, which means brushes are really soft and they don't use too much product.

If you would like to purchase these brushes for yourself, you can do so by visiting Zoeva or if you're in the UK BeautyBay sell it for less delivery charge.

Have you ever used any Zoeva brushes? What did you think of them? Or perhaps there's another brand you can't get enough of, leave me a comment as I'd love to try them out.

P.s I know that I haven't posted as many fashion posts in the past week but don't worry, they'll be back very soon.

Lots of Love 



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