Finding The Perfect Jeans To Suit Your Body Shape

Thursday 5 February 2015

perfect jeans

Since the 'How To Dress For Your Size/Shape' post I have been receiving lots of emails about women struggling to find the right jeans for their body. So I've searched high and low to find an ideal style that will suit your shape.

There's nothing worse than putting on an item of clothing that makes you feel uncomfortable, your whole mood changes. You were excited to go out with the girls, or on that hot date, but your safety net (a pair of jeans) has fallen through. You've managed to squeeze yourself inside, but that's it, you feel squashed, uncomfortable, bits of lady lumps are falling out of places you don't want them to, and your night, essentially is ruined.

Every woman deserves to find that pair of jeans, (or six) that no matter whenever or wherever you're wearing them, you feel a million dollars. Whether it be for a day out around town or a night out, the perfect jeans make you feel confident, sexy and above all accentuates your best assets. Nowadays, we are so lucky, there's a style/ colour/ denim type that suits everyone no matter what shape or size and in a ray of styles that fits everyones unique personality.

 Here's what to look for to suit your shape:

Hourglass (lucky buggers)
On the curvier side? Look for jeans that are cut higher in the back for more coverage. Contoured waistbands (slight V at the front) work best for this body shape, because women with hourglass figures typically have smaller midsections. These jeans generally have a seam on the waistband that shows that the pair of jeans was cut on a curve and sewn together instead of being just one piece of fabric, allowing for more movement and shape around your body. These sorts of jeans can be found in all sorts of luxury and high street brands.

These ladies who have full hips and thighs should opt for jeans similar to the hourglass shapes (V at the front) where the back rises higher at the back which shouldn't be less than 8 inches long. The waistband should hit at the hipbone or belly button so it won't cut your body off at the widest spot. It's best to go for rigid fabrics as they are great for holding in and slimming down thighs, so look for pairs that are not that stretchy. In order to balance the body go for a boot-cut styles  to help even out the shape of your body, and slim-cut jeans help trim down your curves.

Straight figures
You ladies are the luckiest of them all. You can get away with denim murder. Low-riders, high-waist cuts, light washes, distressed treatments, black, yellow, green, you name it, you can rock it. No one's hating on you, but... you know, don't stand next to me on a bad day! This said, slimmer, tighter fits with waistlines that run relatively straight across the middle are the most flattering. Try and stay away from waistbands that are too curved as they can make your love handles (if any) stand out.

Tummy Tucking
For those of you who would like to cover/hide your bellies you should find jeans with waistbands that hit just below the belly button as they give the ultimate coverage and protection. Choose wide waistbands and jeans with an approximately 2 percent stretch (so something with not a lot of give for those who aren't too geeky about jeans) so the fabric can provide a subtle coverage overall. I suggest going for something that has slightly flared legs as it helps offset the middle portion of your body, and double-buttoned designs ensure a long-hold fit.

Don't forget to leave me a comment and let me know how these tips are working for you. I'd also love to see photos so send them over or tag me on Instagram and Twitter on with the hashtag #TeralsTips.

Lots of Love 


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This is in no way set out to offend anyone, I hope nobody feels as though this post is attacking them. This post is here to help inform women the best ways to dress to make them feel comfortable and confident. I believe all women shapes and sizes are beautiful, but by dressing a certain way you can make yourself feel 10 times more comfortable and ready to have a good time.

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