LFW Day One

Friday 15 September 2017

So I am back in London (for a few days) before my last summer vacation of the year. This summer seems to have just flown by for me as I have not spent that much time in the UK. That said, I've felt a little out of it with my blog.

But with it being London Fashion Week, I thought I'd get back into the swing of it with a few of my outfits from this season. 

This first look was inspired by this fabulous lady I saw last season at LFW. She looked absolutely gorgeous and as a friend put it "when you dress like that you get invited to Burberry" So that's what I did. Alas, I didn't get the Burberry invite this year (again) but here's to positive thinking.

I went for a tailored suit in this stunning cherry red colour with nothing but a thermal tee on underneath...because London. With this look I thought I'd go for a sleek low ponytail as it helps keep the outfit the main focus. 

Teaming the pants suit with gold and black accessories kept the entire outfit looking quite chic and oh so FASHUN!



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