Sunday, 25 June 2017

How To Pick A Sophisticated Dress

Every now and then we find ourselves reaching for the same thing in our wardrobe. Whether it's those comfy jeans, or that go to dress for a special occasion (that's not quite special enough for a new dress). We all do it. Even I do. Currently, I am at a point in my life where I am fed up of fast fashion. I've had enough of not having space in my wardrobe. And after another wardrobe cleanse. I want to downsize my wardrobe.

This doesn't mean that I will constantly be recycling items in my wardrobe, but more that I will be a lot more selective of the pieces that I buy. And once I have had enough of a certain thing, I'm going to try and either sell it, or donate it (dependant on the item). 

When I visited St Martin's Courtyard a few weeks back, I was kindly gifted this gorgeous dress from L.K. Bennett and it's the perfect every occasion dress. I can wear this during the spring summer for a variety of different things. From afternoon tea, to dinner to meetings. It's elegant, sophisticated and is such a timeless piece. Again, it's a combination of monochrome with a structured fit. Something I currently can not get enough of.

Alternatively, the spice things up a bit, I could easily switch this look up by adding a few different accessories to brighten the entire outfit. By adding a pair of coloured shoes, a different handbag, I could quickly switch the look from classic to edgy.  

For me, when it comes to looking for that perfect dress, there are a few things I look for. Length, structure and colour. Keep these in mind when shopping and you're sure to find the perfect dress. 

Are you a fan of these structured dresses? 



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