How To Style The Micro Flare

Saturday 17 December 2016

As I've got older my love for jeans has grown. As I've mentioned again and again, growing up I was always that girl in a dress, but I've noticed as time has gone on, I much prefer wearing jeans, especially in the winter.

I'm currently obsessed with this pair from Joe's Jeans. They're called the micro flare. As someone who is obsessed with fashion, and I mean obsessed, I have noticed that fashion icons are slowly steering away from the classic skinny jean. And I for one am quite excited about this. I mean, how many pairs of black skinny jeans can one person own, it looks like I wear the same pair everyday. So this move to more exciting jeans has me over the moon.

Being 5"9 I find myself constantly worried that the length of items I buy online tend to be a little shorter than I would like, but I've realised that the micro flare looks good being quite short. And if they were any longer, I wouldn't be able to wear them with flats. 

I went for a really smart but casual look for this post. I decided I wanted to pair the jeans with my H&M boots I bought back in February as I adore the colour against indigo jeans. This is an outfit I would quite happily wear to events and meetings all around London as it's comfortable enough to run about it but the shirt and style of jeans keeps me looking super smart.

What's great about finding a good pair of jeans is that they can last you many different seasons, and years to come. I can't wait for the days to get a little warmer and for me to style these jeans with a nice blazer and less layers. 

Are you a fan of the transition into different style of jeans? Do you like the idea of the micro flare?


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