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Friday 24 June 2016

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I've teamed up with the wonderful Miss Sixty this month to bring you an occasion wear blog post of dreams. Miss Sixty has always been known for its denim, but they have fabulous girly dresses for any occasion.

Years ago I owned a pair of denim wide legged (and I mean really wide legged) jeans from Miss sixty and I was so in love with them, that it broke my hear when I wore them to death. Nothings changed there for me. If I love something, I wear it until it can no longer be worn. Guilty.

Now back to the dresses. I decided to go for two very different dresses. One is fierce and classic, while the other is so girly and flirty. A perfect contrast.

The floral dress screams summer to me. I decided to team it with a pair of barely there sandals in rose gold. I know I'm late to the trend but it's the only thing I could imagine teaming the dress with...I seem to always be late to a trend, I feel like I wait for something to die down a little before I start getting involved in it, is anyone else like that?

When it comes to trends, I tend to try and stay away from them as much as I can, and simply go for items that I really like and think I can get the most wear out of. Don't get me wrong, I don't always go for classic items as you can clearly tell from my blog, I like to push my own personal style and expand so that there's only one thing that remains in my style, and that it is always chic.

Although the black dress isn't necessarily a summer dress, I felt like I had to include it into this blog post as it's perfect for all those events you have coming up this season. And if the weather continues the way it has been in London, it doesn't look like we will be having much of a summer anyway. 

How would you style these outfits?

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