The Best Mother's Day Flowers

Tuesday 1 March 2016

Every Mother's Day or birthday I like to surprise my mum with some gorgeous flowers, and as her birthday and mothers day usually fall in the same week I like to go all out and get her some really beautiful flowers and every year I try to out do myself. This year instead of your average bouquet, I headed over to Grandeur Weddings to get these beautiful flowers in a box. I have to admit that I took a million more images and barely narrowed them down to this many, they're just the prettiest things I've ever seen...

Ever since I saw these on Instagram I have wanted to either receive or give some flowers in a box, and what's better than giving to your mum on Mother's Day. I ordered the large box with light pink rosed.  The large box holds 36 flowers if I remember correctly. But how beautiful are they! Even when we take the flowers time is over, the box is such a great size, sturdy that it will still look fabulous on any table, filled with all your little bits.

The team at Grandeur Wedding do everything from flowers, weddings and parties and much more. They were very accommodating for my requests and kept me updated throughout the entire process. It is very clear to see that the owner of the company has a passion for all she does. And who doesn't like buying something from someone with so much passion!

I have been to a few events where Grandeur Wedding have been in charge of floristry and decoration and have fallen in love with everything they do. Using only the best materials, you won't be disappointed.

As a blogger, I tend to have to either keep quiet about gifts or give them early and the look on my mum's face as soon as she saw these were priceless! So happy early Mother's Day ma! 

The medium box is £80 and the large box is £120.

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