Things I'm not ready to handle about turning 23

Tuesday 16 June 2015

This Friday marks my 23rd Birthday. Eeek! Where has the time gone? It seems that the last ten years have been a blur; I still remember my 13th birthday like it was yesterday. Ahhh.

But hey ho, with age, comes great responsibility, wisdom and strength. A friend of mine says that we should celebrate our birthday not for getting another year older, but for having the chance to spend another year living and enjoying our lives. (She's a wise one).

As this obviously is a pivotal moment in my life I've decided to round up my daily adult struggles and hopefully see that I am not alone.

Important Telephone Calls
I really struggle to make important phone calls or appointments. The older I've got the less I enjoy speaking on the phone and now that I'm an adult I just don't make them. It's fine, I have no pain. Honest, anything not to speak to the scary receptionists.

Insurance companies will be the death of me. Recently I had to call and cancel my previous car insurance and I put it off for so long until It was the very last day. I don't know why I just find it difficult waiting listening to the 'your call is important, please hold...'.

Sleep or Netflix?
As you get older yo no longer have an authority figure telling you that it's time to stop watching the entire new series of Orange Is The New Black for the third day in a row or not to eat pizza every day this week, so that's exactly what I do. Binge watch TV series and binge out on fatty food. (I still need this discipline).

Am I No Longer Cool?
Accepting that I'm no longer cool to the cool kids of today. I feel like I'm turning into my mum, I don't know any of the trendy words, like what does 'bae' mean? I'm too old to deal with this.

Sorry what?

Constant Spellchecker 
I've always been the one to correct someones grammar or pronunciation, but it seems that with age also comes an intolerance to people who still do not know the difference between they're their and there!

Budgeting money- Extra pair of shoes or save for my future..?

TAX- I just hate you.

Hitting 23 I've been to my fair share of interviews and I have had to dress 'appropriately' before but I'm really struggling to say goodbye to crop tops.

The fact that I can't even try to get away with student discount anymore, It's embarrassing, I don't even look young anymore.

Friday is slowly approaching and I am eagerly anticipating what this age will bring me. But here's hoping to health, wealth and happiness!

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