How To Deal With Hateful Comments On Social Media

Wednesday 24 June 2015

The beginning of this week marked my first dose of hateful comments.

I uploaded a photo on Sunday and started to receive a backlash on Monday afternoon/evening. 

I had three different people post on this one photo of my face about my eyebrows. Now I'll be the first to admit that they weren't having their finest moment but I really liked everything else in the photo so I uploaded it anyway.

Firstly, I may be exaggerating because it's not like 100 people were being rude, there were only 3 girls; two of which were commenting in German. Don't underestimate me and google translate. I understood what you said! 

Comments such as tagging friends and saying 'haha the eyebrows' or 'ugly eyebrows' and the English comment 'ergh eyebrows need help'. Well thanks for that. Would you like to come and help them if their so bad and yours are so great? Didn't think so.

These comments really upset me, more than I thought it would have done and as a result I deleted the photo. However now I greatly regret that decision.

So what if my eyebrows were 'untamed' or 'ugly'. Firstly, it's no ones damn business but mine. Secondly, I had a look at their own pictures and they were girls that were a lot younger than me who hadn't even got to the age of taming their own eye brows. Thirdly, I had no idea that my eyebrows would offend these three girls that badly. 

But it really made me start to think and re-evaluate the situation. I have those three hateful comments the power by deleting that photo, when in reality, I had a lot more likes and nice comments than rude ones. 

How has society got to the point where YOUNG girls start to belittle 'bully' (if I dare to say so) and troll bloggers and women who set out to do something positive and helpful for those who need and appreciate the advice and tips we have.
It's shocking, but I guess most people don't like to see others doing well and feeling confident. 

I have uploaded the photo here and you can all leave comments, nice or hateful I do not care, but please be aware that myself and other bloggers or instafamous girls all have the same feelings, doubts and insecurities that everyone else has. By you trying to bring us down, it doesn't make you prettier, or in my case, make your eyebrows look nicer.

So how can we deal with these horrible comments? Delete them and move on. Don't respond to them, and don't even show anyone else, because who has time to worry about a shrimps opinion!

So be nice! We're all just trying to survive out here.

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