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Sunday 31 May 2015

Bikini H&M | Hat Asos | Sunglasses Lespecs
I have been to many parts of Turkey but I have to admit, Oludeniz has got to be my favourite. Everything was so beautiful. From the scenery down to the locals.

It also reminded me a lot of my home town North Cyprus. The relaxed and friendly nauture of the locals helped me and my friends feel at home abroad.

There's something magical about infinity pools. Not knowing where the pool ends and the sea starts and to top it off there were these beautiful mountains dotted around the edges.

Oludeniz means Dead Sea, and I don't think I've seen such a pure, clean ocean ever. It is also a natural nature reserve meaning there aren't corporate hotels everywhere along the sea, which was a refreshing change.

This is definitely somewhere I will come back to. I had an amazing time with amazing people and currently am suffering from summertime sadness. Sigh.

Have you ever been to Oludeniz or anywhere in Turkey?

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