Sunday Catchup- December 2

Sunday 8 December 2013

Hello my loves, just over two weeks left until Christmas. I can't believe how quickly this year has gone. It's almost 2014. Don't worry I'm not going to do a yearly catchup just yet haha. But I will mention that the last few weeks of buildup towards Christmas has been amazing. I've already bought and wrapped a few presents just got to get something for my parents and I'm all set for Christmas Day.

This year feels kind of strange. We haven't had a cold cold winter yet so it feels strange and I haven't quite gotten into the Christmas spirit. I feel like its kind of sprung up on me. Nevertheless I always find a way to be prepared for anything. This year I feel like doing Christmas different.

I love spending Christmas Day with my family, having a massive breakfast,  helping my mum prepare dinner, having way too much to eat and playing Christmas games with them. How do you like spending Christmas Day? Do you have any Christmas traditions with your family?

I feel like this time of the year everything in life gets side tracked for one special day. People get into so much debt, they run short of cash and find themselves paying for Christmas a month or two down the line. This year make sure you're wise and careful with how you spend your money and time.

Christmas isn't about gift, it's about spending time with your family. I'm not a Christian and I do not celebrate the religious values if Christmas but it's one of the few days that my family get to spend time together and I find that that's the most important thing.

This year, I've decided I'm only buying one gift for everyone in my house and will focus more on spending time together and making memories that will last for ever. It's not about who buys the biggest or most expensive gifts, but those who sit down for a warm meal with the ones they love.

Have a lovely week my darlings!

Lots of Love



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