Happy New Year

Tuesday 31 December 2013

Another day, another year, another age and hopefully a little more wiser. 

2013 has flown by and it leaves me feeling a little upset really. It feels like just yesterday that I spent my last christmas stressing over dissertations, holidays and what yo wear for new years eve.

2013, has had many ups and downs for me. Firstly I've had one of the most exciting years of my life. In July I graduated from a degree I loved with a fantastic grade. I turned 21, went on three amazing holidays and spent everyday with all the people I love. I don't think there could be much more anyone could want from a year. 

I've felt happiness and love as well as pain and sorrow. I know that each day makes me stronger and each year I learn  new things that help me grow. Each experience in 2013 has made me the woman you see before you today, the happiness, the love and the pain are all things I've needed to experience to help me grow into a better person for 2014.

I never really make new years resolutions, but I've decided that this year my resolution is to stop thinking too much. This will allow me to spend more time focusing on myself and those whom I love dearly and not worrying about the little things that don't really matter so much.

I really have enjoyed 2013, I've met some amazing people, had some fantastic opportunities and tried to make the most of everything that was thrown at me.

My main aim for 2014 is to be so overwhelmingly happy, forgetting the little things and finding a job that I love. What do you wish 2014 will bring you?

I hope you all start the year on a high and are all happy, healthy and loving!

Lots of Love



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