Three Things I Love- 18/06/13

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Hello my loves, tomorrow is my 21st birthday! How exciting! I'm so nervous to be turning 21, but I can't wait. Currently I am on my way home after mum made me go present shopping with her as I am "too fussy" I need to pick them myself. Moving on here what I love this week.

1- Sunflowers. These have always been my favourite flowers. I adore the colour yellow so for me these are just perfect. They make me happy and smiley.

2- Baby photos. The other day I came across a bunch of baby photos I put in storage and ahh I love them. I have to admit I was a cute lil bubba, always smiling and always eating. I was OBSESSED with this outfit that I'm wearing down bellow. I wouldn't ever want to change out of it (not even to wash, how gross) but when my mum gave it away to charity because I grew too big for it I cried soo much. How sad. Hey I've always been a fashion lover. Also I must say I'm a true 90s girl rocking the high waisted, with the crop top, the neon and jelly shoes. Still to this day I love my crop tops.

3- Finally and most importantly, I love my family. Obviously I always love them, but this week they've been extra sweet and cheesy, spoiling me rotten for my birthday. So a thank you to my family for everything they have done for me.

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