Kallima Spa at Hilton London Syon Park

Sunday 2 November 2014

Peace, tranquility and relaxation. Something that had been something but a dream ever since the summer came to an end. But to my surprise, I found it in the middle of london with a bunch of my friends.

I would have never thought I would receive the relaxation one usually find on holiday; that calm, peaceful nature where you can ultimately sit in silence and enjoy it.

After a long few weeks of non stop working, the girls and myself decided a spa break was needed and after a quick look on groupon we found a wonderful deal for a spa day with a champagne lunch including a facial and back massage. What's not to love?

We snapped this deal up as quick as we could and Friday we made our (long) journey up to Hilton London Syon Park.

Now I say long journey as there was a lot of traffic getting to and from but once you drive up towards the hotel all the hustle and bustle of London is forgotten. With animals either side of the scenic view you come a cross a castle and then finally, you arrive at Kallima Spa.

We split in to two groups of three, the first three had their hour long treatments whilst myself and the other two enjoyed the use of the spa facilities including a jacuzzi, swimming pool, sauna and steam room (there is a gym as well but who really wants to work out when you're relaxing?) 

The three who had their treatments first came and joined us looking so relaxed and flawless and we retreated upstairs for lunch and champagne. 

A delicious burger and triple cooked chips later it was finally my turn for my treatments. I love a good massage, and I enjoyed it even more when the masuse used a lot of pressure especially on my back to get all those horrible knots out. 

As for the facial, it wasn't exactly a facial, more like a cleanse and massage but it was still so relaxing. A few of the girls actually fell asleep whilst on the massuse chair.

The masuse had to prompt me a few times to actually get off the bed, something about spas give me that tranquility and I unexpectedly slow down and enjoy the calmness of everything.

After we had all finished our treatments we wanted to enjoy the spa area for the last time. My only concern was that by this time it was getting a lot busier, and unfortunately a lot louder. Families staying at the hotel brought their kids to the pools, people were laughing loudly and the minimal amount of beds were all occupied. With this we decided to go get changed and leave.

All in all I had an amazing time at Kallima Spa, there were however a few tiny things that disappointed me. The fact there was no refreshments around the spa, if you wanted anything you had to go upstairs to the main reception, the changing room was small and the six of us struggled to get ready at the same time.

If you do wish to go to this particular spa, I suggest you make sure you get there early and leave before 5 o'clock as thats when it starts to get busy, and also, bring your own water as it does get extremely hot.

Lots of Love 



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