What To Wear At A Wedding Abroad

Thursday 14 August 2014

Recently I went to Bodrum (Turkey) for my cousins wedding. I've always loved weddings, people declaring their love for one another, the whole family is happy and dancing the night away and when I knew I was getting a holiday out of it as well, I couldn't resist.

The thing with weddings abroads are that they are always so darn hot. You put too much make up on you look like an iced birthday cake, too little it sweats off, and no matter what you wear or do with your hair you find yourself so hot and sweaty, it just seems like a disaster no matter what you do.

So I have come up with a few tips to help you with such dilemas.

Outfit Details:

Dress- Missguided
Shoes- Dune
Neckace- Zara
Bracelet- Pandora

Tip 1
Always do your hair in an up do. Especially if you are in a hot country, and with temperatures rising to 37°C I was not taking any chances.

Tip 2
Less is more. Make up wise, make sure you dont apply too much foundation and always finish with a powder. Keep foundation to a minimum and focus on eyes or lips.

Tip 3
Do NOT forget to add primer! 

Tip 4
Don't go for the heighest heels you own, a pair of comfortable wedges, chunky heels or 3inches do the trick. There's no point wearing high heels when your feet swell up in the heat.

Tip 5
When wearing a long dress, make sure you wear a slip underneath, this stops the material from clinging to your body and making you feel hotter than you already are.


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